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Based in the beautiful state of Arizona, Scottsdale Bizz is your single destination and best choice for your company’s web presence. We have customers and have completed numerous projects across Arizona, in Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Tucson, Glendale, Phoenix, Buckeye, Surprise, Scottsdale and Queen Creek.

Professional Website Design in Scottsdale, AZ 

A website is a reflection not only of your company but of you, your brand, and what you believe. It’s the handshake you have with potential customers when they meet you through their first visit to your site. We have worked with a wide array of small businesses across Arizona, California, Texas, and numerous states back East, and our sweet spot is companies with less than 200 employees. Additionally, we specialize and love working with companies in hospitality, hotel, manufacturing, medical and dental, construction, real estate and business brokerage, property management, appraisal, logistics, and healthcare.


At Scottsdale Bizz, we offer a wide assortment of website design, web development, web-page design, mock-ups, prototyping, and create web solutions to help your company thrive. Each project includes a professional designer, UX/UI consultant, expert coder, and when needed, professional content writing services. To start your next Scottsdale web design project, give us a call or keep on reading.

Our Scottsdale team will help you navigate the process and keep you from the obstacles that can sometimes derail even the best of intentions, and we do this to ensure you receive the right solution and within the budget you set. Our strengths include:

Creative and Insightful Professionals
Well-versed and Current with Latest Tech Tools
Quality Development Process
Research before Development
Friendly UX/UI Design
On-Demand Delivery
Cost Effective Solutions
Unique and Customized Solutions

Scottsdale Web Design Services

Website Design Scottsdale

Website Development

Scottsdale Bizz operates and develops high-performing and functional websites using cutting-edge coding processes across numerous platforms, such as PHP, ASP.Net, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, as well as experience with platform development tools, such as Magento, WordPress, and Joomla.
By using these tools, as well as investing time in the site’s infrastructure goals, we will help you maximize your company’s investment, provide better content control while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Web Design Scottsdale

e-Commerce Web Design

e-Commerce is morphing before our eyes. What worked five years is obsolete today and what works today will be obsolete in the not too distant future. At Scottsdale Bizz, we get this. That’s why we carefully examine every e-Commerce project to determine the best path forward, whether it’s integrating with an Amazon Store, capitalizing on the vast number of inventory and SKU API’s in the marketplace, or designing a custom required solution from scratch. We help you unlock your company’s project goals with feature-rich e-Commerce websites using cutting-edge technology trends and tools. We then work with you and your team to ensure (a) that your e-Commerce store has a 1 second response time (regardless of the page query) and (b) that the ordering process is seamless to the consumer, this to ensure repeat visits and new orders.

Website Design Company Scottsdale

Mobile App Design

The global pandemic of 2020 changed the world. As a result, telemedicine, remote sales teams and work-from-anywhere is no longer on the radar, it is the target. With Scottsdale Bizz standing at the ready, we work with your team and stakeholders to develop the right solution for current times. We lead by example, can demonstrate our past projects, and help lead your company to solutions that help meet your customer needs, your employee needs, and to do what mobile was predestined to do — scale.

Scottsdale Web Design

Prototyping and Wireframing

Visualization eliminates miscommunication, which in turn alevates risk, the singular obstacle and reason development projects fail. At Scottsdale Bizz, we are often asked why we go through the process of wireframing and prototyping every project, and the answer is simple. First, you need to know what the end solution will be before wasting time, energy and money coding what you’ll later discover you did not expect and second, just like an architect who designs a custom home, you need to know what it’s going to look like, how it’s going to work and what resources are going to be needed to make your project a success.

Scottsdale Website Design Company

Logo and Graphic Design

Logos count. Just ask companies like Amazon and Target. At Scottsdale Bizz, our philosophy regarding logos can be summarized in two words: “clean” and “Simple”. When you hire Scottsdale Bizz to help you craft your company’s logo, we take a holistic approach. Great logos are more than beautiful graphic design. Does the logo stand on its own without words? Is it printer friendly? Is it cost-effective in the physical world, such as for printing costs and for marketing materials? You might even be surprised to hear that some logos we have created are a single color… and sometimes, that’s exactly what is needed. So, whether you need a simple one-color logo or a complex logo design, Scottsdale Bizz can help!

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