About Us

We are Scottsdale Bizz, a digital technology firm with nearly two decades of expertise developing web, cloud, mobile apps, data-related and custom software solutions in Scottsdale and across Arizona.

Moving Business at the speed of Technology!

Hundreds of successfully completed projects and over one-hundred companies served. That’s us. Scottsdale Bizz specializes in solutions for mobile, web, and cloud-based tech solutions for companies from coast-to-coast. Our core strengths are rooted in B2b, general business, medical, financial, insurance, manufacturing, and real estate, and we are just a quick call away.

Who we are

Scottsdale Bizz is a wholly-owned division of Sofvue, LLC. Our leadership team offers nearly two decades of technical experience and another ten years of corporate experience in the Fortune 500 corporate sector.

John Tomblin, our co-founder, has deep experience in software architecture, design, and development, and he combines each of these disciplines together to solve complex business problems that produce quantifiable results, deep business reporting, and streamlined ops.

Our clients stretch across the Southwestern and Western states, as well as clients in North Carolina, Florida, Montana and New York, and our core development services include web-based application development, database systems, mobile (iOS and Xcode – Apple) app development and custom-developed software applications, applets and API’s on the Microsoft framework.

Our core development strengths include:

1) Web-based Development
2) Software Development
3) Mobile App Development
4) Custom Software Design & Development
5) Corporate Website Development
6) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
7) Web Architecture and Prototyping
8) MVP and Prototyping Services

Scottsdale Bizz focuses on four market segments. These include Business-to-Business (B2b), Business-to-Consumer (B2c), commercial real estate, residential real estate, manufacturing, and wholesale e-commerce systems.

How about a “remote” cup of coffee while we discuss your project goals. You can reach us easily by calling +1 623-845-2747 or by sending us an email to [email protected]. We are here to help you grow your business — and we can prove it.

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